JaVale McGee’s Pierre tattoo

As you may know, last summer JaVale McGee created the alter ego “Pierre” who seemed to exist mostly on twitter. According to a new Sports Illustrated profile of McGee, apparently he’s committed enough to the character that he got a tattoo to augment it: “He has a tattoo of a mustache on his index finger, which he puts over his lip when he’s in character.” This raises two questions:

1. Last summer McGee explained in a PEAK video that he thinks visible tattoos are unprofessional and he only has ones that can be hidden under a uniform. I know it’s easier to hide a tattoo between your fingers, but is this crossing the line?

2. There are a few quotes in the article about the size of McGee’s hands (“‘It was like shaking hands with the Incredible Hulk,’ says Denver assistant Melvin Hunt” and “In those hands a basketball looks no bigger than a grapefruit.”). How giant does this mustache tattoo have to be to not look ridiculous on his finger?

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