New tattoo for Markeef Morris

The older of the two Morris twins posted the above photo to instagram earlier this month. We can only assume that Marcus Morris added the same design (the twins have identical tattoos), but there’s no evidence.

Nick Young’s new tattoo

Nick Young got a new tattoo this month, as seen above in a photo posted by the artist on instagram. Below are additional photos of the tattoo in progress, as well as a couple of Young and the artist posing together.

(Source: channingfrye)

Damian Lillard’s new tattoo

Lillard posted this photo of his new tattoo on Instagram this morning.

One more John Wall image courtesy of artist Randy Harris/Tattoos by Randy

One more John Wall image courtesy of artist Randy Harris/Tattoos by Randy

Anonymous asked: Tony parker tattoos

Parker has two known tattoos, both stemming from his marriage to Eva Longoria. The first is a wedding band:


When Tony Parker and Eva Longoria were married in July, Tony decided to have their wedding date (in roman numerals) tattooed around his finger like a wedding band.

Though the couple did exchange wedding rings and wear them often, Tony figured since he has to take his band off while playing basketball for the San Antonio Spurs, that it would be a nice gesture to get the tattoo. This way, he’d never be without his ring … even when he was without his ring.

Eva followed suit and reportedly had her wrist tattooed with their wedding date as well.

(image and text via Truly Wedding Blog)

The second is an ambigram that reads “nine” when viewed from either direction. Nine is of course Parker’s jersey number, although it’s possible the number has other significance for him/them. Both Parker and Longoria got this tattoo as well—hers is located on the back of her neck, his is on his right hand:


(image via Grandland)

As widely reported by tabloids, Longoria had this tattoo removed after their divorce.

Anonymous asked: John Wall added to his already new stomach tattoo. Can be seen on his instagram photo posted yesterday


Quick follow up to last week’s post about John Wall’s tattoo. This better view makes clear that the tattoo involves a portrait, and suggests that Wall went through with his plan to get a tribute to his father. Thanks for the tip

Danny Green’s UNC tattoos

Congratulations to Danny Green on his big game last night. There have been a lot of articles lately about Green that recount his path to the Spurs, a path that ran through four years at the University of North Carolina. His time as a Tarheel is commemorated by his tattoos, shown above, as shared through his Instagram account.

Stephen Curry’s new tattoo

Last night, Steph Curry posted videos on Vine of himself and his wife getting matching tattoos. The design is Hebrew text which translates to “Love Never Fails” as seen above on Curry’s wrist. Below are some stills showing both Stephen and Ayesha Curry in the process of getting tattooed:

Many thanks to Doron B.A for providing the Hebrew translation

NBA tattoos

2012-13 NBA overall tattoo percentage: 56%
250 players with tattoos, 196 without [details]

2011-12 NBA overall tattoo percentage: 55% [details]
2010-11 NBA overall tattoo percentage: 53% [details]

A player-by-player, team-by-team guide to tattoos in the NBA. It is not an attempt to document every tattoo of every player–rather it is an attempt to provide a series of tools for sorting overall tattoo statistics in the NBA alongside glimpses into tattoo trends. Click on any team name below for player details of that team:

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