Philadelphia 76ers, 2013-14

Tattoo percentage: 73% (11 players with tattoos, 4 without)


Thanks to some mid-season trades and signings, the Sixers have nearly doubled their tattoo percentage from last season.

Players with tattoos:

James Anderson
Anderson has a tattoo of an angel with a basketball on his left arm.

Lorenzo Brown
The letters “Z” and “O” are tattooed on the backs of Brown’s arms. As described by LSU’s paper, The Daily Reveille, Brown added the tattoo on his 18th birthday in recognition of his high school nickname: “When I was in high school people would chant ‘Zo, Zo, Zo,’ so I got it for them,” Brown said.

Michael Carter-Williams
Carter-Williams has a tattoo that peeks out of the left side of his jersey.

Eric Maynor
Maynor took advantage of the lockout in 2011 to add a lot of tattoos to his story. When asked by Candace Buckner of the Columbian for the reason behind this burst of new work, Maynor responded with one word: “bored.”

Arnett Moultrie
Moultrie has tattoos on both arms and both wrists. It seems like he’s looking to more as well, having recently asked for recommendations for tattoo shops in Philadelphia.

Byron Mullens
Mullens used go to by BJ Mullens, and has B tattooed on his left forearm and J tattooed on his right forearm.

Nerlens Noel
Both of Noel’s parents were born in Haiti, so in respect to that heritage, the player had the number 509 tattooed on his right forearm, the telephone country code for Haiti.

Jason Richardson
A 2010 profile in the Phoenix New Times reported that Richardson has 26 tattoos, including his nickname (THA FACTOR), a grim reaper, the names of his family members, and a figure holding a basketball.

Henry Sims
When Sims was still a senior at Georgetown, a New York Times profile discussed his major—English—and mentioned Langston Hughes as a favorite author. According to the article, Sims has an excerpt from Hughes’s poem “Dreams” tattooed on his ribs.

Jarvis Varnado
Varnado has a tattoo on his right bicep.

Tony Wroten
While playing for the Washington Huskies, Wroten participated in the video "Husky Basketball 2012: Ink’d Up." During his profile, he explained the tattoo of a hand making an L-shape on his left shoulder: “I got a hand throwing up an L for my crew, Loyalty Over Everything, I’m big on loyalty.”

Players without tattoos:

Brandon Davies
Hollis Thompson
Elliot Williams
Thaddeus Young

New Orleans Pelicans, 2013-14

Tattoo percentage: 33% (5 players with tattoos, 10 without)


The Pelicans kept their tattoo percentage event with last season.

Players with tattoos:

Alexis Ajinca
Ajinca has a tattoo below his right ear that, as he explained to a reporter in 2010, is ” a symbol that means, ‘The great talent sent from God.’” Apparently it is also the logo for the TV series Heroes

Al-Farouq Aminu
Aminu plays for the Nigerian national basketball team and participated in the 2012 Olympics. The continent of Africa is tattooed on his left arm.

Anthony Morrow
The spiderweb-on-elbow tattoo developed in U.S. prisons, a marker of time served and/or spent waiting. Morrow’s elbow spiderweb has a dramatically different meaning, as he explained to Dime Magazine in 2013: “Yeah, I got the spider web, man. The spider web was basically… I wanted to intertwine all my family, and I feel like the better way was to put a spider web to show we all in it. We’re all in it together, sticking together. Everybody is sticking together.”

Austin Rivers
Rivers has “M.O.A.M.” tattooed on his left wrist, an acronym for “Man On A Mission”; “G.F.B.” on his right wrist, which stands for “God, Family, Basketball”; and the words “Dedicated” and “Determined” tattooed on the inside of his fingers. In this interview, he talks through each of them and mentions that he likes to keep his arms clean of tattoos.

Brian Roberts
Roberts has a tattoo on the inside of his left arm.

Players without tattoos:

Ryan Anderson
Luke Babbitt
Anthony Davis
Tyreke Evans
Eric Gordon
Jrue Holiday
Darius Miller
Jason Smith
Greg Stiemsma
Jeff Withey

Orlando Magic, 2013-14

Tattoo percentage: 43% (6 players with tattoos, 8 without)


The Magic saw their tattoo percentage decrease slightly from last season.

Players with tattoos:

Dewayne Dedmon
Dedmon has tattoos on both arms.

Jason Maxiell has a nice video interview with Maxiell where he discusses his tattoos, focusing primarily on the cross on his shoulder. As he explains:

"My favorite tattoo is on my left shoulder. I got it after my grandmother passed. She was somebody close to me, very special, so once I got to the next level playing basketball I decided to take a whole day and design a tattoo for her and put her on my body for the rest of my life. Being my first tattoo, it was painful at time, then it got numb."

E’Twaun Moore
Moore has his parents’ names, “Edna” and “Ezell” tattooed on the insides of his biceps.

Jameer Nelson
Three of Nelson’s tattoos address fear, as he described for an NBA chat transcript: “I have one that says ‘King of My Kingdom’, one that says ‘Fear No Man’, I have one that says ‘Loyalty’, another that says, ‘Accomplish Everything Without Fear’, another says ‘No Fear’ and another that is in honor of my Grandmother. That’s about it.”

Kyle O’Quinn
O’Quinn is one of the most heavily tattooed players on the Magic this season. Among his designs is a tattoo reading “Shoot for the moon” on his right arm.

Adonis Thomas
Thomas has tattoos running up both arms and across his chest.

Players without tattoos:

Arron Afflalo
Maurice Harkless
Tobias Harris
Doron Lamb
Andrew Nicholson
Victor Oladipo
Ronnie Price
Nikola Vucevic

Milwaukee Bucks, 2013-14

Tattoo percentage: 36% (5 players with tattoos, 9 without)


Despite the additions of Butler and Mayo, the Bucks saw their tattoo percentage decrease from last year.

Players with tattoos:

Carlos Delfino
On Delfino’s left shoulder is a stylized dragon, flanked by a creature with a basketball and the player’s initials.

John Henson
Henson has the words “Truly Blessed” tattooed on his chest.

O.J. Mayo
Mayo has his name lettered on his back, in almost precisely the same place as the name on his jersey.

Miroslav Radujica
This past summer, Jim Paschke interviewed Radujica for the Bucks website. Paschke asked about Radujica’s fondness for the writer Stephen King, to which the player replied: “I’m all about Stephen King. I even have a tattoo of Stephen King, my favorite book. I would love to meet Stephen King and show him the tattoo.”

Larry Sanders
Sanders is one of those guys who is running out of room for new tattoos, but over the summer he managed to add two more to his hands, the words “Ask” and “Receive” on his left and right hands, respectively.

Players without tattoos:

Jeff Adrien
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Ersan Ilyasova
Brandon Knight
Khris Middleton
Zaza Pachulia
Ramon Sessions
Ekpe Udoh
Nate Wolters

San Antonio Spurs, 2013-14

Tattoo percentage: 43% (6 players with tattoos, 8 without)


The Spurs increased their tattoo percentage from last year.

Players with tattoos:

Jeff Ayres
Ayres has a tattoo that peeks out of the left side of his jersey.

Austin Daye
As seen in the image above, taken from Tattoo By Randy’s instagram feed, Daye has a tattoo on his chest that stays hidden by his jersey.

Tim Duncan
Duncan has a wizard tattooed on his chest and a jester on his back.

Danny Green
Green recently added a page to his website which includes detailed photos of his tattoos and includes the text “I hope I can live up to what my tattoos represent.”

Kawhi Leonard
Leonard was 17 when his father was shot and killed. The following year, he added a tattoo in tribute on his right arm, as reported by the LA Times in 2009.

Tony Parker
When Parker and Eva Longoria got married, they both got tattoos of their wedding date. In the aftermath of their breakup, Longoria initially denied having her tattoo of Parker’s jersey number removed, but TMZ reports that she had it removed in 2012.

Players without tattoos:

Aron Baynes
Marco Belinelli
Matt Bonner
Boris Diaw
Manu Ginobili
Cory Joseph
Patty Mills
Tiago Splitter

Charlotte Bobcats, 2013-14

Tattoo percentage: 29% (4 players with tattoos, 10 without)


The Bobcats had a dramatic decreases in tattoos from last season.

Players with tattoos:

Chris Douglas-Roberts
CDR is heavily tattooed across both arms and his torso.

Gerald Henderson
Henderson has a tattoo on his back that’s occasionally visible past the edge of his jersey. In August of 2012, he described the tattoo in response to a question posed on twitter: “grandparents in angel wings.”

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
Kidd-Gilchrist, who came into the league with no visible tattoos, added a massive backpiece at the end of his rookie season.

Jeff Taylor
Taylor has tattoos that peek out of the sides of his uniform.

Players without tattoos:

Bismack Biyombo
Brendan Haywood
Al Jefferson
Josh McRoberts
Gary Neal
Jannero Pargo
Luke Ridnour
Anthony Tolliver
Kemba Walker
Cody Zeller


AOL On presents MY INK feat. JR Smith

New tattoo for Ty Lawson

Ty Lawson posted the above photo to his instagram account over the weekend. The artist is Reggie Tatz of NYC Inkmasters. No word on the design yet.

New tattoos for rookies

A few of the players drafted in 2013 have added tattoos this summer, including Trey Burke, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and Ben McLemore. 

Burke added a Michigan logo to his right arm, courtesy of Tattoos by Randy who was in town to tattoo Josh Smith. 

Tattoos by Randy also revealed some additional work on Caldwell-Pope’s chest.

McLemore added enough new work that he put together the picstitch above to show them all. Shortly after these images were shared, McLemore followed up with a photo of himself in the chair for another new tattoo on his ribs:

Kevin Seraphin adds to his back tattoo

Kevin Seraphin is one of a small (but maybe growing?) number of players whose tattoos are covered completely by his uniform. In 2012 he changed his twitter wallpaper to an image of his back tattoo, a many-winged angel flanked by a cross and Seraphin’s family name. This summer, he’s added a background of clouds to the design, along with some new details in the upper right hand section of the tattoo, as seen above. He followed up with a detail of the new section on his right shoulder as well:

NBA tattoos

2012-13 NBA overall tattoo percentage: 56%
250 players with tattoos, 196 without [details]

2011-12 NBA overall tattoo percentage: 55% [details]
2010-11 NBA overall tattoo percentage: 53% [details]

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