John Wall’s new tattoo

John Wall posted this photo on his instagram and twitter accounts earlier this week. As noted in the caption, the new work includes an image of Wall and his father. In 2010, just before the start of Wall’s rookie year, a Washington Post article discussed the player’s relationship with his father, who died when Wall was only eight years old. The article concluded with a note that Wall planned on avoiding tattoos for marketing reasons, but if he were to get one, it would be in tribute to his father. Sweet to see this idea fulfilled.

The work was done by Randy Harris of Tattoos by Randy, who also posted to instagram a photo of himself with Wall.

DeMarcus Cousins “Inked” by Dime Magazine

Dime Magazine recently posted a video interview with DeMarcus Cousins which details many of his tattoos, including the design above, shown after Cousins is asked if he has any controversial tattoos.

Some great quotes from Cousins, including this nice summary: 

My thing is, you just go through so many things in life. Some things you forget, some things you don’t. My tattoos are reminders of things, good and bad. 

To watch the video, click HERE

Anonymous said: NY player with portrait of a kid with crown on back left bicep

Yes! This is one of Tyson Chandler’s tattoos, added in 2011 shortly after he and the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA championship. For the original post about this design, click HERE

Marco Belinelli’s trophy tattoo

Belinelli posted the above photo of his new tattoo to Instagram. The design, done by Jose Cordova of Love Hate tattoos in Miami Beach, is on the inside of Belinelli’s left arm. Cordova also posted a photo of himself and Belinelli post-tattoo on his Instagram account.

Al Jefferson’s tattoo

Longtime reader Matt Jackson shared the above photo, taken January 2014, which shows a tattoo on Al Jefferson’s right forearm. Thanks Matt! Close up below:

Kevin Durant’s new leg tattoo


Earlier this week Durant posted the above photo of himself to Instagram, revealing a new tattoo on his right calf. Yesterday, Dan Steinberg of The Washington Post got a detailed photo of the design - a sabertooth tiger - and a quote from Durant about its meaning:

“I love saber-tooth tigers,” Durant said. “And even though they’re extinct — they’ve been extinct for a while — they’re such dominant creatures. They devour. And that’s what I want to do on the basketball court.”

Steinberg’s close up photo below:


New tattoo for Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes posted the above photo to Instagram at the end of May. The new work, done by Nelly the artist, shows four playing cards, each representing a member of his family. The shading around the eyes is new as well.

Barnes also posted a photo of himself receiving the tattoo:


Trey Burke & His Tattoos

I’ve been wanting to do a video about NBA players and their tattoos. This is the first one I have created.  

Some great quotes from Burke in this interview, including this one about the tattoo of Jesus on his chest: “I think this will make me never forget about where I come from, what I believe in, and what my family believes in.”

(via nbaoffseason)

A new tattoo for Steven Adams

Steven Adams, who just completed his rookie season with the Oklahoma City Thunder, posted on Twitter a photo of himself with tattoo artist Tuigamala Andy Tauafiafi, showing the new tattoo on his forearm. The design adds to his existing tattoo, his middle name Funaki.

The New Zealand Herald interviewed the artist about the design, who spoke a bit about the origin and significance of the work:

"I don’t want to go into too much about his tattoo because tattoos are a personal thing. All I can say about what we created for Steven was … the tattoo that he did get was half Maori and half Tongan.

"What we did represented family, strength and protection. With any Polynesian or Maori culture, those are the main things. I guess it’s to keep him grounded and have the support with him - not in body, but in spirit."

Mike Scott adding to his tattoos

Last week Mike Scott posted to instagram this photo of himself in the chair at a tattoo shop. As noted this past season, Scott has many tattoos of emojis. In January of this year, an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution (behind paywall, sorry) Scott discussed the tattoos, and explained that he planned to tattoo all of the emojis on his body eventually:

"It’s different. No one else is doing it. That’s probably not for a good reason but it is original and something I like doing. I’m going to get all of them."

No word yet on what his new work looks like.

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